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    Shopping Information

    Delivery charges for orders from the Online Shop?

    Delivery charges for orders from the Online Shop vary depending on the item, its weight, and the delivery destination. To get an accurate quote for delivery charges, please add the items to your shopping cart and enter your delivery address. The delivery charges for your order will then be calculated and displayed.

    How long will delivery take?

    Delivery times vary depending on the type of order you place and the delivery method you choose. Standard delivery times for most orders are between 3-5 business days.

    What exactly happens after ordering?After ordering, the order will be processed and sent to the shipping department to be prepared for delivery. Depending on the type of order, it may be shipped via mail, courier, or other delivery services. After the order has been shipped, you will typically receive a confirmation email with tracking information.

    Where can I view my sales receipt?

    You can view your sales receipt in your account page on the website or in the app. You can also request a copy of the receipt from customer service.

    How do I add a gift receipt to an order?

    You can add a gift receipt to an order by selecting the “Add Gift Receipt” option at checkout. This option should be available alongside other payment and shipping options. You'll then be able to customize the gift receipt with a personalized message.

    How long do I have to return an order?

    typically around 30 days from the date of purchase. However, this may vary from retailer to retailer so it is best to check with the specific store for their return policy.

    Orders and Returns

    Delivery charges for orders from the Online Shop?
    The delivery charges for orders from the Online Shop will vary depending on the specific item(s) being purchased, the delivery location, and the shipping method. For more information, please contact our Customer Service team at
    What exactly happens after ordering?

    fter ordering, the customer will usually receive a confirmation email with details about their order. Depending on the merchant, the customer may also be asked to provide payment information. Once the payment is processed, the merchant will typically begin preparing the order for shipping or delivery. The customer will then receive a notification when their order is shipped or ready for pickup.

    How long does the delivery take and how much does it cost?

    Delivery times and costs vary depending on the retailer you are purchasing from and the delivery method selected. Most retailers offer free standard delivery, and many offer express delivery for an additional cost. Delivery times usually range from 1-7 business days for standard delivery, and 1-3 business days for express delivery.